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Made of PE material that contains ultra-fine calcium carbonate in tablet form. With its high dispersant properties, MK80 is widely used as a filler in the production of various high quality sprayed and extruded PP products.

Applications and Advantages of  MK80
+ Application 1: Household items, outdoor furniture, industrial parts, toys, etc.
Higher productivity
Better size stability
Better-than-plastic heat resistance
Higher durability
Higher bending module
Cost reduction
+ Application 2: Woven bags, tapes, stickers, ropes, pipes, etc.
Vertical tear resistance
Slippery resistance
Better surface printing 
Higher durability
Better heat preservation
Reduced costs

Properties/Tính chất vật lý      
Properties/Chỉ số Test methods/Phương Pháp Units/Đơn vị Values/Giá trị
Carrier/Nhựa nền     PE-chemical
Caco3 Content/Tỉ lệ Caco3 D97 = 15 my ASTM D 5630 Wt% 82
Melt Flow Index/Hệ số chảy 230°C / 2.16kg ASTM D 1238 g/m³ 10­14
Specific Gravity/Khối lượng riêng ASTM D 792   2.2
Melting Point/Điểm nóng chảy DSC °C 180
Moisture Content/Độ ẩm VN 10-2011 Wt% < 0.01
Average Particle Size/Kích thước hạt trung bình   mm 2±0.5



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